Worldwide demanded as solution

Highest part strength while the weight is reduced - the requirement of the automotive industry increase steadily. Hot forming is the method which meets these requirements. Heating of the blank to approximately 950 °C makes the material more elastic. Even complex parts can be formed with low material input. Fast quenching leads to part strength of about 1.500 N/mm. 

Our hot forming tools produce parts that meet the requirements of our customers. Constantly high part quality is guaranteed by the efficient cooling system. A fully automated prototype line which was installed at weba in Olomouc, guarantees a close-to-production manufacturing process as well as an efficient and flexible manufacture. The hot forming line is equipped with 6-axis ABB-robot (Foundry Plus) and two ovens with eight heating chambers. 

The innovative technology is applied and developed at weba continuously. The production process is analyzed with infrared-thermography. This helps us to find new ways to increase the energy efficiency. Our first-class tools are based on long lasting experience and intense research. We are continuously working on our status as pioneers in hot forming.